Unbelievably fresh

Because only 48 hours elapse between picking the fruit in our groves and delivering it to a pickup location near you. In addition, we guarantee refrigerated shipping so all the properties of our citrus fruit stay preserved. As a result, you can enjoy our oranges, clementines, lemons and/or grapefruit up to a month after delivery. Just store them in a cool or refrigerated place.

First-rate flavor

Because we're committed to organic farming: we focus on high quality not quantity, which keeps our environment healthy. We only pick fruit when it's completely ripe. This way, we make sure to get the full flavor in every fruit.

Quality that's cost-effective

Because at La Montesina, you buy directly from the producer, without intermediaries, which allows us to offer you a competitive price. In addition, groupage shipping helps reduce transport costs, while respecting the environment by minimizing CO2 emissions.

At La Montesina, we guarantee that...

  • Our citrus fruit is the most flavorful you can find.

  • 48 hours before arriving at your store of choice, the fruit was on the tree.

  • All citrus fruit at La Montesina is 100% free of residues and pesticides, so you can even use the peel for your baking recipes.

  • During its journey from our groves to your local store, fruit is preserved at the optimal temperature to guarantee freshness.

  • We work according to the organic farming standards set by the European Union and the Valencian Community. An independent certification board reviews our farming business to ensure our practices comply with regulations.

  • If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your purchase.

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