Blue skies are back, our harvest is back in full swing again

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After a full week of rain, the sun came out for the first time on Saturday of last week. Between Sunday December 1st and Friday evening 6th we got 160mm of rain, well distributed over the five days of the week.

In itself this rain was a godsend because the groundwater reserves need to be replenished in winter, in order to be able to irrigate in summer. And it is better to have good and constant rainfall than a single heavy downpour that cannot be absorbed by the soil.

It's just the timing that has somewhat disrupted our harvesting plans. Once the fruits and trees had dried, harvesting work resumed on Saturday afternoon. We picked all day on Sunday and we haven't stopped since. Let's hope that the weather remains sunny for a few days, so that we can make up for lost time and fulfill all the scheduled deliveries. Fingers crossed!


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