How it works

1. Select the fruit you would like and add it to the cart

We grow the best homegrown and traditional varieties of oranges, grapefruit, clementines and lemons. Select the fruit you would like. We'll pick your fruit and prepare your crates right in our groves to ensure that the shortest amount of time elapses between picking it and delivering it near your home.
We deliver our fruit in 8-9 kg crates.

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2. Choose a pickup location

Choose a pickup location or store near your home. You can see our stores and scheduled delivery dates on the page "Our stores". All our stores guarantee the preservation of our citrus fruit in optimal conditions until you pick up your order.

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3. We'll notify you when your fruit is ready for pick-up

Freshly-picked and packaged, we deliver your fruit to the store you've chosen. We'll notify you so you can pick it up as soon as possible. The sooner you pick up your oranges, lemons, grapefruit and/or clementines, the fresher and juicier they'll be and the more time you'll have to enjoy them.

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