About us

Fede, Montesa

Manager of the organic family farm Casamas since 2009 and private citrus grower since 1989. At Casamas, he grows oranges (Navelina, Navel), clementines (Clemenules), grapefruit (Star Ruby and Marsh Seedless) and lemons (Fino).

« I'm the son and grandson of farmers and this fondness for farming is in my genes. My passion is growing wholesome citrus fruit using natural methods. I'm proud to show off our groves to any interested visitors. We've got a farmhouse to welcome you, so you can get to know our groves or simply spend a few relaxing days and nights with us in the Montesa countryside! »

Quique, Carcaixent

Agronomist with a degree from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, who returned to his roots and his family's groves in Carcaixent. He began his professional career as an agricultural inspector of vineyards. He went on to work as an agricultural technician for a producer-consumer organization. Today, Quique is a full-time organic farmer who mainly grows clementines (Clemenules) and oranges (Navelina).

« After having worked for other organic growers over a number of years, I decided to look after my family's groves and a few of my friends' properties. Many of them were interested in organic farming but didn't have the experience to grow the fruit themselves. Every day, there's a new surprise in store for me. I never get bored with my job. At the end of the day, I love seeing the groves flourish and hearing that our customers are satisfied with the fruit. » .

Joaquín, Vallada

Joaquín's family has always been connected to farming, but he decided to become a lawyer. In spite of this, he never lost touch with the groves. Over time, his way of seeing agricultural production led him to fully dedicate himself to organic farming.

After overcoming some complications during the first few years of transition, today he has a first-rate farm that grows Star Ruby and Marsh Seedless grapefruit.

« I'm lucky to have a young grove in an ideal location for grapefruit. There's always a steady breeze, which guarantees that no humidity stays in the tree crowns for long. With this soil and climate, I grow delicious grapefruit that has lots of juice and a thin peel. »

Boris, Montesa

Commercial coordinator of La Montesina. He has worked in the organic citrus production and distribution industry (in Switzerland) since 2004. Boris knows how to exceed the expectations of European customers with the best of Valencian fruit.

« Eco-friendly production methods, stringent quality control, short shipping times and precise timing of deliveries are some of my top concerns. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about La Montesina's fruit. ».

The way we work

We love cultivating our groves and we do it with passion!
We grow all our fruit according to strict organic farming regulations. We use natural fertilizers such as compost. Weeds between trees are mowed from time to time, but never removed using chemical herbicides. Plant diseases are controlled by releasing beneficial insects or by applying natural crop protection products. Savor the fruit of La Montesina!