Organic citrus fruit from Valencia

We believe in the traditional varieties, which in our opinion remain unbeaten as far as taste is concerned

healthy and fresh citrus fruits directly from the grower


organic oranges directly from the producer


Very tasty and easy to peel, with a characteristic touch of acidity. Navelinas make excellent fresh orange juice. The juice made from all of our orange varieties tastes best when consumed immediately after pressing. Slightly oval-shaped orange with a "navel" at one end of the fruit. Ripe from November to January.


Washington Navel

Also a very tasty variety, even sweeter than the Navelina. Washington Navel (or simply "Navel") was initially discovered in Bahia, Brazil, towards the end of the 19th century. This variety is considered the queen of all oranges and also makes for an excellent fresh orange juice. Navel oranges are perfectly round and they have that characteristic navel at one of their ends too. Generally easy to peel and they ripen from January to March.


biological clementines

Clementina de Nules or Clemenules

Let us introduce you to the queen among the clementines. The Clemenules have an intensive taste and a great balance between sugar and acidity. Easy to peel. Spanish variety, originally discovered in the town of Nules, which gave it its name. Generally speaking they're seedless. However, depending on the year, they can occasionally contain a few seeds.  Clemenules ripen from mid-November to end of December.


organic grapefruit from valencia, spain

Star Ruby (pink grapefruit)
Tasty, with little bitterness. Its flesh has and intensive pink color and a firm consistency. It's "crunchier" than that of the yellow grapefruit. On the outside the Star Ruby are pink and yellowish and they're rather large in size. Seedless fruit. Ripe from November to March.

Marsh Seedless (white or yellow grapefruit)
This is the traditional grapefruit variety. Typical grapefruit taste with a bitter note. Very juicy. Generally speaking yellow grapefruit have more tender fruit flesh and they're a bit smaller than pink grapefruit. Normally they're seedless, however they can contain a few seeds occasionally. Ripe from mid-December to March.


fresh la montesina lemons

Limón fino
Lemon with a tender flesh and an intensive aroma, with a pleasant acidity. This variety has thin peels and a high juice content. Medium sized fruit. Ripe from mid-November to March.